An estimated 3.8 million adult Canadians are limited by disability (representing nearly 14% of the population)

An estimated eight million Canadians provide care to a family member or friend with a long term health condition

Financial and emotional difficulties are associated with disability and care-giving.

These Canadian figures are in keeping with the world's population of those who live with a disability: according to the World Health Organization about 15% of the world's population lives with some form of disability.2

Why it Matters

The World Health Organization defines disability as a limitation in activity of daily tasks. The rate of disability is growing. It can strike at any age. Good chance you or someone you know has a disability that significantly affects daily life. Which is why Disability Matters was created.

Disability Matters was created by Lee Tasker as a supportive resource for not only the people living with disability, but also their surrounding network of family and friends. We’re a public voice meant to further the discourse on topics relating to disability and the issues that arise. Disability Matters is not only here to be a voice, we’re also here to listen. Community members can share with us their stories on living with disability, where topics can be discussed in an open and supportive environment.

1. Statistics Canada: "Disability in Canada: Initial findings from the Canadian Survey on Disability".

2. World Health Organization: "World report on disability"

As the population ages, the percentage of people who live with a disability is expected to increase.

About Lee Tasker

Lee TaskerMy education and training in disability matters includes an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, a Master of Education in Community Rehabilitation & Disability Studies, and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies. I have been working in rehabilitation for 30 years as a clinician consultant, and researcher. I am also a parent and advocate for my adult son, Connor, who has Down syndrome and Autism.

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